Insurance and Electric Scooters or Bikes

A recent visit to Washington DC reminded me of the insurance issues associated with electric scooters or bikes.

If you were to run over a pedestrian or do property damage to a car or building you will be responsible for paying for the damages out of your pocket.  Your auto policy does not cover any vehicle with less than 4 wheels.  Homeowners’ policies do not cover motorized vehicles with the exception of something motorized that is used for the sole maintenance of your property like a riding lawnmower.  If you are injured while using an electric scooter your health insurance should cover the injuries you sustain.

If there is an option to purchase insurance when renting a scooter, buy it since there is no extended coverage from your auto or home insurance.

If you want more information about insurance on scooters, visit this article written by Lauren G Pachman at PIA.

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