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Rena H.
May 2, 2017
Hi Stacie,

I just want to say that you are such pleasant breath of fresh air and a joy to deal with. The little things that you do, and the big ones, really help me in the view of overwhelming tasks I have on my desk. You also readily respond, building confidence that the customer can relax knowing you have it covered.

You have helped me along the way and thank you. Often people don't say thank you enough, and that expression of appreciation can lift someone's spirits and make them feel like their job is more important than the day to day can sometimes make us feel.

Thanks Stacie

Rena H.
Care Ride Wheelchair Transportation
Deb T.
November 4, 2016
Dear Madeleine,

Just a note of thanks for all of your efforts to both update our policy as well as to add our new property. It's great knowing that you are just a call or email away. We will be staying with Foy when we ultimately move because of the high level of service that we receive. Thank you again for all of your help to keep our coverage current.
Dorothy G.
October 12, 2016
Dear Kathy, Thank you so much for taking the time to review our insurance coverage and for making sure we got the best coverage at a fair price. It is a pleasure doing business with such a kind and caring person. Thank you for all you do!

To Kathy's Supervisor: I value Kathy's dedication to her clients. It is always a pleasure talking with her for whatever reason I might have called. She deserves to be recognized for her dedication and efficiency.
Carol G.
August 1, 2016
Gail in the Nashua office is fantastic! I went to her right before a long weekend with an urgent need for a new policy, and she made it happen. Fantastic customer service! I hope to be a client for a long time to come.
Stacey G.
April 21, 2016
Hi Peter

I wanted to send you an email with regards to what I’ve experienced with dealing with Foy insurance lately.

I have been working with Pamm closely with regards to my personal insurance on my home & car. I contacted Pamm regarding a quote I got from another company and after a long discussion and her relooking at our policies, we were able to put together a plan that worked really well for us. Honestly, I love Foy insurance. They have been wonderful to my family & also my members at the credit union I work at that use your agency as well. I then had to contact Pamm again this week to say “I’m getting a new car”. After 13 years, it was time. She called me back immediately & quoted me the new rate with new car. Her customer service is impeccable. You don’t see that often these days. She had my policy rewritten and new binder sent out immediately. She walked me through the steps on what to expect when I received my old insurance refund & the bill on the new insurance. She was there to answer any question I had, no matter how big or how small. She is wonderful!

I’ve been working with insurance companies over the years & it wasn’t until I came to Foy in Nashua that I’ve experienced that level of service. I love that they treat their customers like I treat my customers here at my Credit Union. I feel valued!! It’s not often that you run across that these days. Thanks again
Christal P.
January 19, 2016
Donna, I appreciated your service and all of your help during this matter. A law clerk recommended that we call you and we are so glad they did. Thanks again for everything!
Emma S
January 15, 2016

Once again, I’m amazed at the responsiveness of Foy - specifically Gail Brier. I messed up and failed to notify my apartment complex of my change of insurance from State Farm to our new provider for renter’s insurance. I emailed Gail today and inquired if she could assist in getting the carrier to include specific information that our complex requires in addition to confirming we had coverage on our dog. I honestly figured I’d have something in a day or two, but Gail had this back to me within a half hour of my request.

I’m just completely impressed with your office. AND…I never ever do these type of emails to anyone, so two to your company is way out of my wheel-house.

Gail is a keeper!!
Shelley H.
January 15, 2016
I have been a customer of Foy Insurance for several years. I have mostly dealt with Kathy Lovering during my time as a customer but have spoken with others at the Agency. I have found that all members of the Agency were polite, professional, and knowledgeable about their business. I have enjoyed working with Kathy. She has always gone the extra mile each time I have needed assistance. I have moved to another state where Foy is not located and they are no longer able to provided me services. I will miss them. I recommend their service to anyone looking for insurance.
Emma S
May 6, 2015
My spouse and I recently switched over to Foy Insurance in 2014 from State Farm. Gail Brier quoted us for our auto and renter’s insurance at a significant variance in cost compared to State Farm (to our benefit), so we switched.

Last week, I decided to purchase a motorcycle and after bombing Gail with several requests for quotes on different makes and models, she responded expeditiously to each. In the advent of adding my motorcycle to our existing policies, I had 2 other insurance companies provide quotes on all our current coverage and both of them were more than what we are currently paying through Foy/MMG & Progressive Insurance. I was very happy to see that the coverage we currently have is the best out there and hope that this will be so in the future.

Gail has been extremely helpful and responsive every time we have made an inquiry.

I just wanted to share that Foy has great prices based on the (competition) out there and your customer service is equally impressive.


Emma S.
Kevin M.
February 12, 2015
Pamm is always so helpful to my wife and I when it comes to any insurance issue. We now have 3 drivers, another of driving age shortly, 4 vehicles, and the house insured with Foy. Pamm answers all of our questions, her response time is phenomenally fast, she is thorough, and proactive. I know she will always take care of us. I can't say enough about her level of customer service. I am glad she is on your staff and glad we are part of the Foy team!
October 6, 2014
Hi Donna, Thank you so much for everything. I mean that. Especially all of the care, concern and diligence that came from you two ladies. I really appreciate that more than anything. I love you guys!
Jacques B.
September 29, 2014
It is indeed gratifying to know I am with an insurance agency who will go the extra mile at providing a great service and Gail is a good example of that.

I just wanted to thank you again at working diligently into finding me a comparable insurance policy which was within my household budget. I am pleased to remain a valued customer with Foy Insurance as your extra efforts have prevented me from looking elsewhere.
Tony and Diana Sinisi
August 1, 2014
Dear Peter and Pamm,

Thank you both for 14 positive years as our insurance agent. We've come to rely upon Foy Insurance for our unexpected needs, such as the tree that fell in our driveway and our teenage son's fender bender in the school parking lot. Always with kind words and a reassuring attitude, you put us at ease. Every year our policy was reviewed and sometimes changed to give us the best value. Foy is the definition of your trusted neighborhood company. We feel like we've gotten to know you both and doubt we will find an equal replacement in our new (Florida)location. We wish you both continued success.

Warm regards,
Jim M
June 19, 2014
I have been doing business with Foy since 1981. They constantly do rate comparisons with the insurance companies and offer very competitive rates, all from my hometown. I have price shopped insurance through the big advertisers who promise big but can't match price in the final analysis. And for the times when a better price is verified, Foy has always found a way to meet or beat the competition with their network of insurers.
Joe Micalizzi
June 12, 2014
Peter, Thank you for 10 years of professional service and always being available for any questions I have had and for all of your advice. I appreciate it.

People think they save a few bucks by buying insurance on-line but they don't really know what they are buying or if they have the correct coverage, until something happens, then they call that 800 number and keep getting forwarded to another customer service rep or voicemail and then nothing gets done or is delayed. I prefer to speak to a real person. Works for me. Thanks again Peter. - Joe
June 11, 2014
I have been a customer of Foy Insurance (Nashua office) for many years – Recently I ran into some trouble when a car I was renting was involved in an accident – The car was parked at the time and I was in a restaurant – Although clearly not my fault, and despite having a copy of the police report, Budget sent me a bill for the damages – When I talked with Budget they said it was my responsibility to track down the other driver and get them a claim number from her insurance co. – I called Foy and within 45 minutes of my call Madeline had reached the other drivers insurance Co, got the claim number, coordinated all the info with Budget and emailed me back that I was all set – It is nice to have a responsive full service insurance Agency! - Thanks

John C.
June 11,2014
Jeff in Candia
April 17, 2014
I am a long time, loyal customer of Foy Insurance for many reasons. A recent personal experience confirms their commitment to customer service excellence. My car door was dinged by another vehicle in a parking lot, and the offending party did not leave their information. I waited for them to come, but no one came.

I called Foy for advice and a real, live person took my call. I did not have to waste time wading through a convoluted automated messaging system. I asked for Peter and my call was put through immediately. Then, Peter answered my call (not voicemail) and we discussed my situation and how Foy could help.

My experience with Madeline, who handled the claim, was also exceptional. She quickly identified the offending party and submitted a claim to their insurance on my behalf. Her service and communication was personable, timely and efficient.

Excellent customer service with a personal touch is one reason why I continue to choose Foy Insurance to handle all of my insurance needs. Thank you for all you do.
April 12, 2014
Peter Camello is my agent. I started using him when I first needed car insurance at the recommendation of my Dad, who has had Peter as his agent for years. As my first experience getting insurance, Peter was extremely helpful. He made the whole thing effortless for me, and kept in contact throughout the process and beyond.

I have since continued to use Peter for insurance on my condo, and just recently purchased a new home. For those of you who have purchased a home and known the stresses involved, I knew that one thing I did not need to stress about was the insurance, and I was right. Once I contacted Peter and provided him with what he needed to find me the right coverage, it was done within days.

Peter continues to consistently deliver excellent, prompt customer service. I sincerely appreciate the work he has done to make my life easier.

Thank you!
October 31, 2013
I am a new customer referred by my co-workers, finally I decide to buy home insurance from them, maybe car insurance in the future. Their quick response, accurate and knowledgeable service are the motivation to do business with them. Peter Camello is my agent, he works very hard and is customer service oriented. He impressed me.
Jaroslav Stekl
October 31, 2013
I had written my first testimonial here 1.5 years ago, as the only positive of our failed (not due to our doing) move to Nashua. It did finally materialize this past summer. I went back to Peter as to an old friend, and once again, everything went easily and super smoothly. I think the reason is just that - they treat one as a friend. Thank you so much again!
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