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February 17, 2017
Just wanted to say Thanks again to Becky for her help, time, and effort in finding a new insurance carrier. The services provided by her and the Agency are the reason that I will continue to work with Foy, as they are definitely an added value and always top-notch. I've been working with Foy for 10 years or longer and have never had anything but good results. Becky is awesome, as is everyone I've dealt with.
Diane S.
August 4, 2016
I have been a client of Foy Insurance since 1975 for personal insurance, and since 1985 for business insurance. During these many years, I consistently received the most professional, capable and personable response from each agent I worked with. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Christine Roberts, whose effort, guidance, knowledge, efficiency, and patience was absolutely top notch! My sincere thanks to Christine and the Foy Team!
Kyle W
March 29, 2016
As a start-up business providing healthcare and transportation, it was very difficult to find an underwriter for my policies. After going to 4 different brokers, Heidi from Foy Insurance was finally able to market my policy well enough to get coverage through a very good carrier. Heidi put in countless hours of work to save me every dollar that she could on my policies and was always available to explain anything that was unclear. Thank you Heidi and the rest of the Foy Insurance team!
Jim S.
November 12, 2015
Linda, I don't know what to say.....You are the greatest!....Soon all my insurance business is coming your way because of the un-paralleled support you have provided. Please feel free to forward to your manager...I would like to thank them for having such a great person to work with at Foy Insurance
April 11, 2015
I recently stopped by Foy Insurance to get pricing for my auto and property insurance and had the pleasure of working with Diane Santanelli. She was wonderful. She listened to what I was looking for, compared different policy options with me, and helped me make the best decision for my needs. I feel very confident that should I encounter any problems or need other types of coverage, she will be there for me.
Rich Moses
March 6, 2015
I just wanted to acknowledge Louise as an outstanding agent who I have been dealing with for probably 20 years now. She's prompt, courteous and regularly goes beyond my expectations in all my insurance matters.
John Lewis
June 3, 2014
We have been with Foy since 2000 when we moved back to NH. Last month, I finished renewing my auto and homeowners policies. Louise Cullinane patiently endured my many e-mails and phone calls until we worked out a great deal.

I have been intending to call or drop a note to Louise to thank her for the outstanding job she did. Yesterday I received a surpise check in the mail for a package discount she was able to get me that I forgot about. She apparently didn't forget about me.

Year after year, Louise is looking out for me. She has put up with multiple auto changes, "kid issues", refinancing and accident/claims, questions, etc.

She is timely, professional, thorough and has impeccable follow through. I have never met her face to face which is a testament to how easy she makes it to do business with her. She makes every transaction simple.

Your agency has a great reputation and I have to believe that Louise's performance has contributed greatly to Foy's success.
Steve S.
April 14, 2014
I've been using Foy for a number of years, and they have been extremely helpful throughout that period. We have purchased a home, refinanced it, and cycled through a number of vehicles. Every time, we received prompt and courteous service.

In the past year, I have had an increased number of insurance needs due to family status changes and the like. Becky Towle has been fantastic to work with. Very patient, knowledgeable, and speedy to respond. She has handled everything tossed her way with skill and a smile.

I whole-heartedly recommend Foy in general and Becky in particular. Very, very pleasant experience!!
Maura Mele
March 29, 2014
Becky Towle is the BEST!! We have four children, so it seemed during the teen years, we were always making changes to our policy. Becky was always so prompt and pleasant to speak with. She made sure we had the best insurance to fit our needs.
Marjorie O'Connor
March 27, 2014
Dear Lisa Coll,

Thanks is such a small word
but that's not all we can say,
For an efficient insurance agent
who has a very caring way

How can we begin to Thank you
for all that you have done,
To research our auto policy
Yes, a gold star you have won

We hope this little poem
will help you to understand,
That we appreciate you
Yes, we think that you're grand
Randy Schwalke
February 5, 2014
I've been with Foy since moving to NH in 2000. They're extremely responsive and always have my best interest in mind. They shop for best value providers and gladly offer suggested insurance strategies for my business and my family's personal needs. Becky Towle handles my personal policies and Heidi SanSouci handles my business policies. Both are fantastic! And at Foy, if somebody is out of the office, they cover very well for one another. Like yesterday. . .I called for Becky. She was out. So Louise Cullinane jumped right in and handled the matter. Thx, Foy. My best insurance relationship of a lifetime.
Tim & Michell Savoy
January 31, 2014
Becky Towle has always kept us with the best value plans both for our home and auto policies. I can't count how many times she called and said she could lower our costs with same or similar...or even BETTER coverage. It's nice to know they are working behind the scenes trying to give us something better. With life so busy, who has the time to comparison shop for ourselves? We are very grateful for the service and professionalism from everyone @ Foy after nearly 15 years of business!
Roger Dumont
January 29, 2014
Just a note to say how pleased we are with Foy Insurance. Becky Robinson constantly strives to get the best and most affordable coverage for both vehicles as well as our home.She is an asset to the company and to us,your long time customers. After 15 years with Foy Insurance there is no need to look elsewhere. Thank you Becky for all you do!!
Mark Hallett
January 16, 2014
We have been with Foy for years. Becky Robinson has really been an asset to us and her company. She always returns e-mails-phone calls immediately and if she doesn't know the answer to our question she finds out and gets right back to us.
Thank you Becky !!
D. Chabot
November 7, 2013
I have had Foy Insurance for many years and working with Becky Robinson has been a pleasure. I can always count on Becky to get the best quote for me, she is constantly looking out for what is best for the client. I will continue to pass the word about Foy insurance and how they are a great "family" to be associated with. Great job Becky and thanks for being in my corner!
Sandra and Don
September 11, 2013
Hi John,

I just wanted to write to you to let you know how much we appreciate how helpful you have been in establishing both my and Don's Medicare Supplemental plans. Your in-depth knowledge made it easier to identify the best plans for each of us at this important stage in our lives.

Once the decisions were made, the more difficult challenge came in getting the needed documentation to extend Don's coverage without penalty. Through your direct contact with Harvard Pilgrim and your determination in navigating the demands of both my former employer and the insurance provider, the transition was successful and within the deadline.

You kept us both thoroughly informed throughout the process. Without your professionalism and constant attention to details, the result may have been very different. You went above and beyond and it has truly been a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again.
David VanderVoort
September 9, 2013
Just got my life insurance in place here in Florida with John Henchey - he under promised and over delivered. My monthly premium was $10 less than he quoted and he found a great carrier for me with SBLI. Thanks John
Karen Rabenius
April 21, 2013
I have been working with Foy and Becky Towle specifically for several years. Becky always returns my calls and emails quickly and takes care of my needs professionally and courteously. She is very knowledgeable and helps me to make the best insurance decisions for myself and my family every time. Thanks Becky!
Lynn from Aerial Site
April 18, 2013
We have been with Foy Insurance, Manchester office, since the birth of our business in 2004, working directly with Lisa Bisson. Her business is truly customer service. Don't believe I have experienced this high a quality of dedication with any vendor as with Lisa. We must be her only customer for the time she gives us. Can't thank you enough Lisa (Bisson)!
C. Hume
April 3, 2013
Good Day Mr. Foy, I have been dealing with Foy Insurance for a number of years now. When I first signed on with Foy Insurance my agent was was a wonderful woman named Dottie.

Several years later when I changed out cars, I called your Agency and found that Dottie had retired and I was assigned to a Becky Grosso.

I did not think it possible that I would get another caring agent like Dottie. Well I was wrong. Becky has been there for me at every turn.
She has worked tirelessly to find me the best possible coverage at a cost that I could afford. I am now retired and living on a fixed income so every dime that I can save means a lot to me.

On Tuesday February 26, 2013 I was involved in a Major Accident. My first call was to the Hooksett Police, my second call was to Becky.
She put me at ease telling me that everything would be alright, she would take care of all the accident details, and told me to just rest, as I got severely bruised in this accident. Yesterday she called to check on me to see how I was doing and to fill me in on the names of the people that would be in touch with me regarding this accident and before we ended the call she said to me "if you have not been able to get a rental car yet I would let me use my car if you need to run errands," to me that was a wonderful gesture and meant more to me then I can put into words. As I had already obtained a rental car I declined her very generous offer. Not everyone would have done that, but that is just the kind of person Becky is, Generous.

To say that Becky is fine agent goes without saying. She is also a fine and wonderful person and you are very fortunate to have her in your employ.
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