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We are entering graduation season! For many it’s the culmination of 4 years of hard work, sacrifice and maybe some fun along the way. The second you walk across the stage many of your insurance needs will change. While every individual has unique needs, here are a few insurance coverage options that most college grads should consider and evaluate.   Our friends at Trusted Choice have posted this article.

Auto insurance. A shiny new car, whether owned or leased, holds appeal for newly employed college grads. Auto insurance helps cope with the expenses of accidents, vandalism or theft. A lender or leasing company that finances the vehicle will require auto insurance. Car accidents can create large liabilities for a driver, so the liability portion of auto coverage helps protect the bank account. Plus, auto insurance covers many legal expenses if a driver is sued. If a graduate who already owns a car is moving, where they keep and register the car, especially from one state to another, can impact coverage. It’s important to let your TrustedChoice® independent insurance agent know about these moves to make sure your current coverage will apply or if you need a new policy. 

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