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10 January 2013 In Home Insurance

Fire strikes and you lose everything.  Would you be able to remember every possession that you have accumulated over the years?  By having an up to date home inventory you will be able to settle your insurance claim faster, help you purchase the right amount of insurance coverage and also help verify losses for your income tax return.

Start today.  A home inventory can seem like a daunting task especially if you are doing one for the first time however it is actually relatively simple.  Start with your most recent purchases and then back track on your older possessions.

Take a picture, videotape it, save receipts and even better use this free web-based home inventory software, Know Your Stuff, to help create a room by room record of your belongings.  Regardless of how you do it (written list, photos, Know Your Stuff, etc..) keep a record of your inventory and store it someplace other than your home.  When you make a new significant purchase, add the information to your inventory while it is fresh in your mind.

Start today!

10 January 2013 In Insurance Products

New Years is always that time of year when many of us try and put our lives back on track. The infamous New Year's Resolutions come out.  How long do you stick with your resolutions?  The usuals: spend more time with the family, exercise more, lose 10 pounds, spread good will, etc...  I have a new one for you.....Review your insurance coverage.  I know, not the most sexy resolution but if not now, when?  Now is the perfect time to call your local Agent and review all of your policies. Our carrier partner, Central Mutual, has an excellent article on this subject.  Read More

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