Juice Jacking from Public Charging Stations

charging stations

We are not talking about someone taking your orange juice while your phone is charging at a public charging station.  We want you to be aware that public charging stations are not secure.  We all want a little more juice in our devices as we are traveling and it is awful convenient to plug our devices into the USB charging stations.

Beware a free charge could end up draining your bank account, stealing your personal data or installing malware and viruses on your device.  Turning off data transfer on your phone might not stop any of this from happening.

The best precaution is to use a portable charger (charging brick).  You plug the portable charge into the USB station and your devices into the portable charger.  Alternatively, the old fashion plug in the wall is the best method.

Watch this YouTube video on cell phone safety for kids from one of our insurance carriers Central Insurance.  Even though for kids it is a short 90 seconds to remind all of us things we should be watchful for with our phones.

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