Stacie Bowen

Commercial Lines

Stacie Hayner Bowen has been in Commercial Lines Insurance for over 30 years.  She started her career at Foy Insurance back in 1987 in personal lines insurance and moved into the position of commercial lines assistant.  From there she furthered her career with experience and knowledge in the Commercial Lines segments of  IT Software for all lines of business in commercial Insurance,  Non-franchised car dealership programs, as well as many other facets of commercial lines.  Stacie joined Foy Insurance again this year because as she states, “Foy is the best place I have ever worked.  We care about our customers and Foy Insurance cares about it’s employees.”  There are a handful of people who are still here at Foy that were here back in 1987.  That should say enough about how Foy employees feel about their work place!   Stacie is married to her husband Justin and resides in Milford NH.  She has two boys, Mitchell and Colby whom she is extremely proud of!   She is currently enjoying being back at Foy and re-connecting with all her customers and servicing their needs, as well as reaching out for new opportunities with all the industries this area has to offer.

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