Mike Foy

Foy Co-Unit Leader

When I was a kid, I would travel on Sundays with my dad to meet insurance clients. We always finished the day with warm apple pie or treats with either my grandparents or great grandparents. If you ask, it was apple pie that made me want to be in the insurance industry.

Many decades have passed, and I still enjoy working with clients.  I am often asked what I do for a living. With a smile I tell them I run a local business that sells insurance.  As an independent insurance agent my goal is to assist clients with their insurance needs.  I want clients to have choices with their insurance, be their advocate when needed and build trust as their insurance partner.  The Foy family motto – from old English times – is “deeds not words.” This philosophy of doing business is true to this short but succinct statement – we care for our clients’ needs and carrier relationships.

I enjoy spending time with family and friends playing golf, hunting or with our horses. I also enjoy the time I spend volunteering.  I dedicate time to local causes and serve on many insurance carrier advisory boards to better our customers experience with their insurance carriers. I serve the insurance industry on several automation organizations with the goal of making life better for insurance agents and consumers across the country.

Now as a member of World Insurance Associates if our local team cannot assist with your insurance needs, we have a large network of colleagues to ask for assistance. I look forward to working for you. 

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