Peter Camello


Peter Camello has been with Foy Insurance since 1993 serving as branch manager of the Foy Insurance Nashua office.  He feels his team really appreciates him most when he serves as Chief Snow Shoveler and De-icer for the office.  At home his wife Janet and his beloved cocker poodle Tuckerman also appreciate those particular chores as well.  Peter has been volunteering at the NH Special Olympics for over 20 years and still does so with his youngest daughter,  Jamie as he did with his oldest, Meghan  Peter and his wife work hard keeping fit so as to better enjoy their passion for hiking.  They recently completed their goal of climbing all 48 of the 4000 foot mountains in NH and have now set their sights on the New England 4000 footer club (67).  He also currently serves as the Vice President of the Amherst Soccer Club.  In the office he enjoys the challenge of something new every day as well working with the Nashua group.  He would be surprised if any of them knew he can still stand on his head – Nashua folks need to get a photo of that in the office!!

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