Stay Safe on the Road – 7 Safety Tips

Although there was chill in the air this past weekend there have been several sightings of Spring over the past few weeks. Kids riding bikes, runners on the road in shorts, and even a few raking lawns. With Spring comes bikes, runners/walkers and skateboarders sharing our roads.  Whether you are riding through quiet neighborhoods or on busy highways here are some great safety tips from our partner carrier, Mt. Washington Assurance Corporation.

Safety first…Seven things you can do everyday to stay safe on the road

Brought to you by the folks at Mt. Washington. We drive here, too.

  1. Put your phone away. We know you know this, but…it bears repeating, because we also know that way too many of us are still doing it. Resist the temptation by putting your phone somewhere where you can’t get it easily while you’re driving. Your kids are watching you from the back seat. They’ll be driving before you know it. Teach them the right way—put your phone away.
  2. Wear your seat belt. Always wear your seat belt and make sure your little ones do, too, whether they’re in a car seat, booster or are big enough for a seat belt alone. Most kids aren’t ready to switch to an adult seat belt until they’re at least 4’9” —usually not until they’re between 8 and 10 years old.
  3. Stay alert. Don’t drink and drive, and don’t drive when you’re sleepy or if you’re on certain medications. You may think you’ll be alright behind the wheel, but it’s not worth taking a chance
  4. Share the road. Give cyclists and pedestrians some space and some serious props. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but spring is right around the corner.  Remember to always give pedestrians the right of way, and slow down to give kids on bikes and skateboards extra room on the road. Their moms will thank you!
  5. Don’t drive aggressively. Don’t be a road-rager. Speed kills, so leave a few minutes early and don’t stress out. Every 1 mph you drive over the speed limit increases your crash risk exponentially. [source: ERSO] Leave some room for the car in front of you: Every 10 mph you drive = 1 car length. Driving 60 mph? Leave 6 car lengths’ worth of space between your car and the car in front of you.
  6. Drive defensively. Be mindful behind the wheel. It’s easy to get aggressive when you’re stuck inside a speeding metal box on wheels, but don’t be an aggressive driver. Take a deep breath before you go ballistic…especially if your kids are in the car with you. Assume the worst about all those other drivers and give them plenty of room. If they are indeed drunk, distracted, sleepy or raging, then just let ‘em pass. But do call 911 (pull over before calling, please!) if you see a dangerous driver out there.
    Want to learn more? Visit the nonprofit SafeKids’ site for comprehensive info, or go directly to their “Car Seats, Boosters, and Seat Belt Safety” page.
  7. Maintain your car. Take good care of your vehicle. Get regular tune ups and check your brakes, fluids and tire pressure often, especially in cold weather. Your car will run better—and you’ll be safer.Spread the word(s)! (hint: they’re “Drive Safely”).Headquartered in Concord, New Hampshire, Mt. Washington Assurance Corporation provides home insurance and personal auto insurance to New Hampshire residents. Mt. Washington Assurance is part of The Plymouth Rock Group of Companies, which together write and manage over $1 billion in auto and homeowner’s insurance throughout the Northeast.

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