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NH Home Heating Oil Tanks

We have received customer calls regarding leaking home heating oil tanks from a recent WMUR broadcast.  Information below was supplied by the New Hampshire Insurance Department as of March 14, 2022. Leaking home heating oil tanks require cleanup and remediation that can cost well over $100,000. There are no admitted insurance carriers in New Hampshire […]

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New Maine Gas Detector Law effective 1-1-2022

Starting January 1, Maine building owners of buildings that fall within the below outlined parameters, are required to install – according to manufacturers’ requirements – at least one approved fuel gas detector in every room that contains a propane, natural gas, or liquified petroleum gas fueled appliance. The required detectors may be battery operated, plugged […]

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Apartment Fires

Feb fire in Raymond displaced 40 families Nashua fires in May and June displace 11 families These headlines are all too familiar in many NH cities and towns.  And in most cases, none of the tenants had insurance.  Very often, we read about fundraising efforts on behalf of tenants who have lost everything.  While that […]

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COVID-19 Clean

We have been asked what a business should consider to be COVID-19 clean.  There are still many unanswered question or even worse different answers to the same question.  One of the vendors, Insurcomm, we refer insurance remediation claims has blog article regarding common COVID-19 cleaning.  Insurcomm has their corporate offices in Portsmouth NH but services […]

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Business Interruption Coverage and Coronavirus

Business interruption insurance policies are governed by contract law and the coverages and exclusions may vary from insurance company to insurance company, as well as from business to business.  In other words, commercial insurance policies have unique terms, conditions, and exclusions that are not uniformly applicable to every business.  Business interruption coverage is typically triggered […]

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Being Aware of Coronavirus Scams

Please be aware the number and variety of scams associated with the Coronavirus have spread faster than the virus itself. Amazon has blocked over 1 million products in their marketplace that are price gouging or have false claims.  Facebook, Google and other social media outlets are filled with false claims and links that potentially take […]

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Insurance Guide for College Students

As a child goes off to college there is insurance needs to consider and it might be a good time for an insurance review with your insurance agent. Your home insurance typically will extend contents coverage from your policy up to 10% of your home contents limit.  The student must be registered as a full-time […]

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What is Full Coverage Car Insurance?

Today there are about 270 million registered cars in America. And out of that number, there were over 4 million cars involved in an accident resulting in property damage. The odds that you’ll eventually be in a crash—even if you’re a great driver—are pretty high over the course of your lifetime. Many people may have […]

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