Being Aware of Coronavirus Scams

Please be aware the number and variety of scams associated with the Coronavirus have spread faster than the virus itself.

Amazon has blocked over 1 million products in their marketplace that are price gouging or have false claims.  Facebook, Google and other social media outlets are filled with false claims and links that potentially take your money or worse add a virus or software to steal your data.

What to know or do?

  1. Be cautious of any emails, texts, links in articles about the virus
  2. Be cautious of Charities soliciting funds for research on a treatment
  3. Do not believe the face mask hype
  4. Do not respond to claims of vaccines, cures, or protections from the virus
  5. Do not invest in any opportunity that is looking capture profit on the Coronavirus opportunity

For more information on Coronavirus scams please visit link below from Steve Anderson, insurance industry leader and friend, who was allowed to reprint an article from Scambusters.

To all my insurance friends that know Steve if you have not read his book “The Bezos Letters” it is worth the read.  It has some of what I call Steve-isms that those of us in the insurance industry and know Steve will understand.

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