ValChoice – What constitutes value when it comes to insurance?

When considering any purchase, we should all consider value over price because we know you get what you pay for (at least most of the time). Insurance is one type of purchase where VALUE is very important.

Do you believe all of the media ads about saving money on insurance with this carrier or that carrier? Some carriers even utilize silly animals or characters to try to convince you. I prefer to buy local and get the best value for my money.

What constitutes value when it comes to insurance? Of course, price is part of the value equation, but what else matters? I believe fair and prompt claims service along with timely and professional customer service are important factors in finding value. I often find myself saying I would pay a little more if I could just make a call (or send an email) and get a human being on the phone and avoid dealing with the automated caller maze to then speak to someone who can’t answer my questions or help me. As a licensed independent agent, I believe I provide value in choosing the right coverage, and advising my clients as to which carrier is the best match for them.

For a perspective on insurance value, I suggest checking out ValChoice. ValChoice provides information on which home and auto insurance companies offer the best value in terms of price, protection (claims handling) and service. While not every carrier ranked high is available from Foy Insurance, many of the top NH carriers are.

At Foy Insurance we want to offer you Advice, Choice and Advocacy with your insurance.

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