New Maine Gas Detector Law effective 1-1-2022

Starting January 1, Maine building owners of buildings that fall within the below outlined parameters, are required to install – according to manufacturers’ requirements – at least one approved fuel gas detector in every room that contains a propane, natural gas, or liquified petroleum gas fueled appliance. The required detectors may be battery operated, plugged into an electrical outlet, or hardwired.

NOTE: The gas detectors are different from carbon monoxide detectors.

Fuel gas detector required. The building owner shall install, or cause to be installed, in accordance with
the manufacturer’s requirements at least one approved fuel gas detector in every room containing an
appliance fueled by propane, natural gas or any liquified petroleum gas in:

A. Each unit in any building of multifamily occupancy
B. A fraternity house, sorority house or dormitory that is affiliated with an educational facility
C. A children’s home, emergency children’s shelter, children’s residential care facility, shelter for
homeless children or specialized children’s home.
D. A hotel, motel or inn
E. A mixed use occupancy that contains a dwelling unit
F. A business occupancy
G. A mercantile occupancy
H. An assembly occupancy

Visit  for complete details of the NEW Maine Law effective 1/1/2022.

If you are a building owner in a state other than Maine you might consider such detectors if your building has any form of such gases.

Information sourced from the Maine State Fire Marshal’s Law.

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