Author: Mike Foy

What is Full Coverage Car Insurance?

Today there are about 270 million registered cars in America. And out of that number, there were over 4 million cars involved in an accident resulting in property damage. The odds that you’ll eventually be in a crash—even if you’re a great driver—are pretty high over the course of your lifetime. Many people may have […]

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How Much Life Insurance Do You Actually Need?

life insurance

With a reputation for being difficult to understand, buying life insurance can be intimidating when terms such as whole life, portability, and riders are thrown around. But where most people get overwhelmed is the question: How much life insurance do I actually need? With the right tools and resources, selecting the right life insurance policy […]

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Foy Commercials

Get a sneak peek at the new Foy Insurance commercials.  See what happens to Ken who did not use an Independent Insurance Agency like Foy Insurance.

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GFCIs -Saving Lives Every Day!

Unless your name happens to be Benjamin Franklin or you have never used an electrical appliance before, you are probably familiar with electrical outlets that have little “test” and “reset” buttons in them. But did you know that those buttons are there for a very important reason; perhaps one that could end up saving your […]

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Lyme Disease and Employee Exposure By Rob Holt File this one under, “As if I didn’t have enough to worry about already”, but if you are an employer or head of a nonprofit with positions that require outdoor activity/work, your life may be getting a bit harder again this summer.  New England already has one […]

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Mike Foy 2018 NetVU Speech

Mike Foy delivers speech at the 2018 Accelerate Convention powered by NetVU, Network of Vertafore Users in Atlanta GA. NetVU supports the 500,000 users of Vertafore products by the insurance industry. See speech at

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All Deck’D out for Summer by Rob Holt

All Deck’D out for Summer by Rob Holt. Spring has finally sprung here in New England which means warmer weather, black flies, and a long awaited return to backyards, baseball, and barbecues.   But lest we soon forget, New England winters are notoriously tough on not only us but on our homes as well which is […]

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Six Ways Independent Agents Are Superheroes

A few years ago, Becky Grosso and Jeff Foy in our Manchester, New Hamp­shire, office saw a car crash into a gas pump across the street. Without any hesitation, they ran over and rescued an unconscious man and his granddaugh­ter from the burning vehicle. Were they superheroes like the ones we see in movies or […]

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