Being Aware of Coronavirus Scams

Please be aware the number and variety of scams associated with the Coronavirus have spread faster than the virus itself. Amazon has blocked over 1 million products in their marketplace that are price gouging or have false claims.  Facebook, Google and other social media outlets are filled with false claims and links that potentially take […]

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Juice Jacking from Public Charging Stations

charging stations

We are not talking about someone taking your orange juice while your phone is charging at a public charging station.  We want you to be aware that public charging stations are not secure.  We all want a little more juice in our devices as we are traveling and it is awful convenient to plug our […]

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Foy Family Children’s Library

The site of many American Independence Museum programs, Folsom Tavern in Exeter NH(c. 1775) will undergo a transformation in 2020 with the creation of the Foy Family Children’s Library thanks to the donation from Jeff and Melissa Foy.  The library should be open for the start of the May 2020 season.  Read more to see […]

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Insurance Guide for College Students

As a child goes off to college there is insurance needs to consider and it might be a good time for an insurance review with your insurance agent. Your home insurance typically will extend contents coverage from your policy up to 10% of your home contents limit.  The student must be registered as a full-time […]

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What is Full Coverage Car Insurance?

Today there are about 270 million registered cars in America. And out of that number, there were over 4 million cars involved in an accident resulting in property damage. The odds that you’ll eventually be in a crash—even if you’re a great driver—are pretty high over the course of your lifetime. Many people may have […]

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How Much Life Insurance Do You Actually Need?

life insurance

With a reputation for being difficult to understand, buying life insurance can be intimidating when terms such as whole life, portability, and riders are thrown around. But where most people get overwhelmed is the question: How much life insurance do I actually need? With the right tools and resources, selecting the right life insurance policy […]

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Foy Commercials

Get a sneak peek at the new Foy Insurance commercials.  See what happens to Ken who did not use an Independent Insurance Agency like Foy Insurance.

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GFCIs -Saving Lives Every Day!

Unless your name happens to be Benjamin Franklin or you have never used an electrical appliance before, you are probably familiar with electrical outlets that have little “test” and “reset” buttons in them. But did you know that those buttons are there for a very important reason; perhaps one that could end up saving your […]

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